Modifying Instruction: Facilitating Student Engagement

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Questions for Discussion

The following questions for discussion have been generated to help participants best comprehend and use the information presented. Participants completing this learning module for contact hours through their LPDC should answer each question. The written responses can then be used as evidence of your work.

Download the Discussion Questions PDF file and complete the form as evidence.

Discussion Questions:

(approximate time to complete discussion questions 1 hour)


Answer the following questions as an individual. If possible, have a dialogue with your grade level team, buidling level team, and/or district level team.

1. Describe the barriers or difficulties for you, the teacher, when working with students with disabilities in your classroom?


2. Describe the barriers or difficulties for the students with disabilities who are receiving instruction in your classroom?


3. Explain the most often grouping used for instruction in your room? Why do you use this grouping? How often per week do you use the following configurations?
Whole group? When and Why?
Divided group (parallel teaching)? When and Why?
Small groups? When and Why?


Modifying Instruction: Facilitating Student Engagement