Co-Teaching Series


Sonya Kunkel

The State Support Team Region 6 hosted three Webinars with Sonya Kunkel, nationally recognized teacher, instructional coach, author, and administrator. Known as the “teacher’s teacher”, she leads professional development courses all over the country with the goal of helping educators advance their co-teaching practices.


Instructional Modules

Engaging Students in Small Groups


Modifying Instruction to Facilitate Engagement


Instructional Planning and Grading



Resources from Sonya Kunkel



Instructional Planning and Grading

Advancing Co-Teaching Practices: Strategies for Success authored by Sonya Heineman Kunkel

Instructional Planning and Grading

Inclusion, the Common Core Curriculum and the High Stakes Tests: Boosting the Outcomes for Struggling Learners, Grades 5-12 authored by Sonya Heineman Kunkel