Instructional Scaffolding Part 1

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Questions for Discussion

The following questions for discussion have been generated to help participants best comprehend and use the information presented. Participants completing this learning module for contact hours through their LPDC should answer each question. The written responses can then be used as evidence of your work.

Download the Discussion Questions PDF file and complete the form as evidence.

Discussion Questions:

(approximate time to complete discussion questions 10-15 Minutes)


1.  What is working memory and why is it significant to learning? How are the varied limits of children’s working memory manifest during class; specifically what are the signs teachers should watch for indicating the children have reached their limit?


2.  What are the three discreet characteristics that can assist with limitations in working memory and how?


3.  What are the three unique and critical characteristics to consider when scaffolding student learning and why?


4.  What are the two specific requirements for content scaffolding of mathematics word problems and why?


Instructional Scaffolding Part 1