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iLRC - Interactive Local Report Cards

The iLRC is a tool developed to provide current and historical Local Report Card data.

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Facilitating Meetings Resource Titles

The following is a list of resources on meeting facilitation. Many of the books contain group activities that focus on energizing, group grounding and refocusing.



Abernathy, R. and Reardon, M. (2003). Hot tips for facilitators: strategies to make life easier for anyone who leads, guides, teaches, or trains groups . Arizona: Zepher Press.


Allen, R. (2008). Train smart: effective training every time . California: Corwin Press.


Arch, D. and Meiss, R. (2000). Warming up the crowd: 57 pre-session training activities . San Francisco: Jossry-Bass.


Biech, E. (2008). Trainer’s warehouse book of games: fun and energizing ways to enhance learning . SanFrancisco: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.


Delehant, A. (2007). Making meetings work: how to get started, get going, and get it done . CA: Corwin Press.


Eller, S. and Eller, J. (2006). Energizing staff meetings . CA:Corwin Press.


Eller, J. (2004). Effective group facilitation in education: how to energize meetings and manage difficult groups . CA: Corwin Press.


Feigelson, S. (1998). Energize your meetings with laughter . Alexandria, VA: ASCD.


Garmston, R. (1997). The presenter’s fieldbook: a practical guide . MA: Christophor-Gordon.


Jones, S. (2006). Backstage passes for trainers, facilitators, and speakers: your guide to successful presentations . CA: Corwin Press.


Jensen, E. (1998). Sizzle substance: presenting with the brain in mind . CA: The Brain Store.


Jensen, E. (2003). Tools for engagement: managing emotional states for learner success . CA: Corwin Press.


Jensen, E. (1998). Trainer’s bonanza: over 1000 fabulous tips & tools . CA: Corwin Press.


Jensen, E. (2005). Top tunes for teaching . CA: Corwin Press.


Larner, M. (2007). Tools for leaders: indispensable graphic organizers, protocols, and planning guidelines for working and learning together . NY: Scholastic.


Love, N. (2009). Using data to improve learning for all: a collaborative inquiry approach . CA: Corwin Press


McDonald, Mohr, Dichter and McDonald (2003). The power of protocols . New York: Teachers College Press.


Nation School Reform Faculty. National school reform faculty resource book: adult learning in the service of student achievement. Bloomington, IN: NSRF.


Pike, B. and Solem. L. (2000). 50 creative training openers and energizers: innovative ways to start your training with a bang! San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.


Preuss, P. (2003). Schools leader’s guide to root cause analysis: using data to dissolve problems . NY: Eye on Education.


Solem, L. and Pike, B. (1997). 50 creative training closers: innovative ways to end your training with impact! CA; Pfeiffer.


Tate, M. (2004). Sit & Get won’t grow dendrites: 20 professional learning strategies that engage the adult brain . CA: Corwin Press.


Ukens, L. (2000). Energize your audience!: 75 quick activities that get them started…and keep them going . San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

OIP Contacts

For information and resources related to the Ohio Improvement Process contact:

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