OLAC Online Modules

Access online training modules that correspond with each stage of the OIP process.

OLAC online modules
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OIP Resources

Resources and training videos at the Ohio Department of Education Website.

OIP Resources
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iLRC - Interactive Local Report Cards

The iLRC is a tool developed to provide current and historical Local Report Card data.

Go to iLRC

Ohio Value Added

Access the Value Added EVAAS login page.

Go to the Ohio Value Added Login
“Postcards from the Edge” is a collection of 19 children’s pictures in a power point slide show. The pictures can be used to energize a group in the afternoon. Team members are asked to study the picture(s) and draw an analogy to the work of OIP. “How is the Ohio Improvement Process like the photo?” Pictures can be printed out for individuals or dialogued together by showing the pictures on the screen.

OIP Contacts

For information and resources related to the Ohio Improvement Process contact:

Becky Rees


Mike Epperly


Michelle Vandermark