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Administration Manual

The Directions for Administration Manual outlines how test administrators should prepare for and administer the AASCD.

2015 AASCD Administration Manual

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Participation Guidelines Flowchart

This tool can be used by an IEP team to decide whether a student qualifies to participate in the alternate assessment.

Participation Flowchart

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Administration Power Point

This PowerPoint is used by the SST to train for the AASCD administration.

Download the Administration Training Power Point

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Data Entry Interface (DEI) Tutorial - Video

Become confident entering student scores into the Data Entry Interface by viewing this brief step-by-step tutorial.

View DEI Tutorial Video
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Special Testing Accommodations

State assessments in a variety of formats that assist in providing accommodations to students whose IEP, 504 or Limited English Proficient (LEP) status allows for use of special testing accommodations.

View Special Testing Accommodations

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Testing Rules Book

The Ohio Statewide Assessment Program Rules Book is a reference and provides a general overview of Ohio’s statewide testing program and shares specific information pertaining to testing at each grade level.

Testing Rules Book

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AIR Testing Portal

Use this site to access test administration functions, training, and informational resources.

Go to the AIR Testing Portal
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Key Testing Dates for 2015

This is a list of key testing dates for the 2015 adminstation of the Alternate Assessment for Students with Significant Disabilities

Download the Key Testing Dates

Alternate Assessment

The final chart of computer based accessibility features and accommodations for the PARCC field test can be found at the following link in the Full Technology Specifications for PARCC Field Test document:http://www.parcconline.org/sites/parcc/files/FullTechnologySpecificationsforPARCCFieldTestV12November2013.docx

Read more: PARCC Field Test Accessibility Features

Ohio’s new Alternate Assessment for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities (AASCD) was administered for the first time in spring 2013. The AASCD marks a change in Ohio’s alternate assessment, which previously consisted of a portfolio-based collection of evidence. The performance standards for the new AASCD are summarized in the scaled score tables attached. The minimum and maximum scale score cuts are set at 200 and 575 across all forms.

Ohio Assessment Systems Portal provides access to multiple systems. District test coordinators now can link to all Ohio Assessment Systems from one new portal at http://oh.portal.airast.org.

Read more: Ohio Assessment Systems Portal

Special Education Contacts

For information and resources realted to special education contact:

Post-Secondary Transition UDL Consultant
Cherie Smith


Extended Standards PBIS Consultant
Tiffini Flugga


Alternate Assessment, Extended Standards, Special Education Lead Consultant
Caryn Timmerman


Early Learning and School Readiness Consultant
Michele Bambauer


Family and Community Engagement Consultant
Kim Moritz