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Ed Resources Ohio - Transition

Find information and resources to assist with transition planning.

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Backward Planning Tool

Download the Backward Planning Chart from EdResourcesOhio.

Backwards Planning Tool
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My Life - Transition Assessment

Download the "My Life" transition planning tool to use with individual student planning.

Get "My Life"

Indicator 13 - Examples/Nonexamples

Use the Indicator 13 case studies from the NSTTAC Web site.

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Indicator 13 Checklist

Use the checklist to review the postsecondary transition planning components of the IEP.

Get the I-13 Checklist
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Transition Assessment Library

Find Age Appropriate Transition Assessments.

Ohio AATA Library
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Ohio Means Jobs Website

Ohio's no-cost, career planning system for students, teachers and school counselors.

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Quick Book of Assessments

A variety of transition assessments to assist with transition planning.

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Transition Considerations Checklist

A checklist of considerations for transition planning.

Transition Activities

Examples of Coordinated Set of Activites

Ideas for transition services and activites.


As part of the enhanced OhioMeansJobs website, the customized portal, OhioMeansJobs K-12, will offer comprehensive, career-development tools, online training and resources specifically for students and teachers.

Read more: OhioMeansJobs K-12 registration available in April

NSTTAC continues to partner to develop resources for state and local practitioners to improve the application of research in practice. As a compliment to the Predictor Implementation Self-Assessment tool, NSTTAC recently posted the Aligning Predictors and Practices resource at http://www.nsttac.org/sites/default/files/AlignEBPP_Resources_PSS_FINAL_2014.pdf. This resource is intended to assist leadership teams, as well as school and classroom level practitioners as they make the move from identifying a predictor as a focus area and articulate and implement an action plan at school and student service level.

CEC is proud to announce the new and entirely online Life Centered Education (LCE) Transition Curriculum and Assessment Portal designed to help you better prepare your students for independent and rewarding lives after they finish school.

Read more: New Version of the Life Centered Education (LCE) Transition Curriculum Now Available

A new guide published by the Institute on Community Integration at the University of Minnesota provides concrete strategies for supporting relationships between people with disabilities and members of their community. "Friends: Connecting People with Disabilities and Community Members" includes specific activities to guide users in creating a plan to connect people and build relationships. It is designed for agency staff, but can be used by parents, support coordinators, teachers, people with disabilities, and others. View additional information.

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Special Education Contacts

For information and resources realted to special education contact:

Post-Secondary Transition UDL Consultant
Cherie Smith


Extended Standards PBIS Consultant
Tiffini Flugga


Alternate Assessment, Extended Standards, Special Education Lead Consultant
Caryn Timmerman


Early Learning and School Readiness Consultant
Michele Bambauer


Family and Community Engagement Consultant
Kim Moritz