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Ed Resources Ohio - Transition

Find information and resources to assist with transition planning.

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Backward Planning Tool

Download the Backward Planning Chart from EdResourcesOhio.

Backwards Planning Tool
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My Life - Transition Assessment

Download the "My Life" transition planning tool to use with individual student planning.

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Indicator 13 - Examples/Nonexamples

Use the Indicator 13 case studies from the NSTTAC Web site.

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Indicator 13 Checklist

Use the checklist to review the postsecondary transition planning components of the IEP.

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Transition Assessment Library

Find Age Appropriate Transition Assessments.

Ohio AATA Library
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Ohio Means Jobs Website

Ohio's no-cost, career planning system for students, teachers and school counselors.

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Quick Book of Assessments

A variety of transition assessments to assist with transition planning.

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Transition Considerations Checklist

A checklist of considerations for transition planning.

Transition Activities

Examples of Coordinated Set of Activites

Ideas for transition services and activites.


Beginning in fall 2015, teachers instructing middle school career-technical education courses must meet one of the following:

  1. Possess a current, five-year Ohio professional license that includes middle school grade levels, and complete the Ohio Department of Education’s career-technical education validation process by Sept. 30, 2015;
  2. Possess a current, five-year career-technical education license; or
  3. Possess an alternative resident educator license for career-technical education (can only teach middle school courses within the specific program and taxonomy).

If teachers have a vendor certification to teach a specific curriculum, including Project Lead The Way, Engineering by Design and CASE, they are not required to do the online middle school validation. These teachers can only teach middle school courses within the specific program.

More information is available here.

Fast FactThe process of Discovery is a person-centered approach to gathering information about a student prior to discussing potential jobs, employers, or job tasks. Discovery assists in revealing the student’s interests, skills, and supports in environments and activities where the student is at his or her best. Discovery seeks to understand various facets of a student’s life in order to discover who the person is rather than what he or she wants to do. This strategy utilizes already existing information instead of information developed through typical evaluations.

As we conduct Discovery, we search for pieces of information that we can include in a student's blueprint for future employment and include them in the student’s profile. We presume that all students have something to offer in terms of contributions to a future employer and it is up to us, in Discovery, to determine what those contributions might be. This process uses interviews and observations to uncover the unique contributions, skills, and interests that a student can bring to a work experience. Read the Fast Fact

After six years of development, the new on-line Transition Assessment and Goal Generator (TAGG) is ready for use and can be obtained at https://tagg.ou.edu/tagg.

Read more: TAGG: Transition Assessment and Goal Generator

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Special Education Contacts

For information and resources realted to special education contact:

Post-Secondary Transition UDL Consultant
Cherie Smith


Extended Standards PBIS Consultant
Tiffini Flugga


Alternate Assessment, Extended Standards, Special Education Lead Consultant
Caryn Timmerman


Early Learning and School Readiness Consultant
Michele Bambauer


Family and Community Engagement Consultant
Kim Moritz