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Name Position Phone
Michelle Vandemark SPDG and School Improvement Consultant 419-739-0172
Becky Rees Director, School Improvement Consultant 419-739-0175
Valerie Robb OIP 419-739-0162
Margo Shipp Literacy and English Language Learners Consultant 419-739-0171
Caryn Timmerman Low Incidence, Autism, Special Education Consultant 419-739-0168
Karen Vicroy Grants Manager 419-739-0162
Michele Bambauer Early Childhood Consultant 419-739-0165
Ray Draghi, PhD Regional Educational Program Specialist, Ohio Department of Education 614-947-9242
Michael Epperly SPDG and School Improvement Consultant 419-739-0169
Tiffini Flugga PBIS, Special Education Consultant 419-739-0116
Cherie Smith UDL, Transition, Special Education Consultant 419-739-0170
Kim Moritz Parent Engagement Consultant 419-739-0167