Systematic and Explicit Instruction

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If you are completing this Math Learning Module for contact hours, please complete the activities and submit evidence of your work to your LPDC.

Download the Activities PDF file and complete the form to submit as evidence.


Activity 1:

(approximate time to complete 1 hour)


When describing the characteristics of strategic vs. non-strategic learners, Dr. Riccomini referenced a resource on teaching learning strategies from the Iris Center at Vanderbilt University ( This resource is a learning module that gives teachers specific strategies for teaching self-regulated learning strategies. Work through the module.

  • Which of these strategies are you already using in your teaching? Explain how?
  • What did you learn from this module that you want to begin to use? Use the strategy in a lesson.
  • What worked well? What might take further refinement?


Activity 2:

(approximate time to complete 1 hour)

Dr. Riccommini talked about the 16 elements of explicit instruction from Explicit Instruction: Effective and Efficient Teaching by Anita Archer and Charles Hughes. There are videos demonstrating explicit instructional lessons at the Web site. Use the video guide and view the video, Vocabulary Review – 8th Grade Geometry ( What can you take away from this video and use in your teaching?

Systematic and Explicit Instruction