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Questions for Discussion

The following questions for discussion have been generated to help participants best comprehend and use the information presented. Participants completing this learning module for contact hours through their LPDC should answer each question. The written responses can then be used as evidence of your work.

Download the Discussion Questions PDF file and complete the form as evidence.

Discussion Questions:

(approximate time to complete discussion questions 1 hour)


1a.  As an administrator,how have you determined the mathematical belief system of your staff?


1b.  What beliefs does the core mathematics program stress?


2a.  What assessments are part of your mathematics program? (Use: School Planning Activity: Core Elements 1 & 2)


2b.  Which of these assessments address the following purposes?


a.  Evaluation of Outcomes?

b.  Diagnosis?

c.  Screener Purposes?

d.  Progress Monitoring?


2b.  What questions do these assessments answer?


2c.  What decisions are made at classroom levels using assessments?


2d.  How are the decisions being facilitated?


2e.  Are there scheduled meeting times for teachers to discuss data and make data informed decisions?


3a.  How much time is dedicated to math instruction?


3b.  Is the allotted time the same for all groups of students?


3c.  How is this time structured?


3d.  Do struggling students gets extra instruction?  When?  Where?


4a.  What is the core math program? (Use: School Planning Activity: Core Elements 1 & 2)


4b.  What are the strategic instructional supports included within the core math program? (Use: Instructional and Intervention Needs Assessment)


4c.  What are the intensive instruction supports that are in addition to the core math program?


4d.  What is a teacher doing instructionally different to facilitate learning for struggling students?


4e.  Does the administration and staff have a good understanding of research- based instruction and interventions? Does the administrator know the elements or ‘look fors’ of explicit instruction?


5a.  As an administrator, how do you know if the school's mathematics instructional plan is effective?


5b.  Are the number of struggling students reduced from beginning of year to end of year?


5c.  Do we need to change our plan?


6a.  What are the strengths and challenges in our mathematics program?


6b.  What is the professional development plan to address these strengths and challenges?