Dropout Prevention and Intervention Resources

The National High School Center is the Website that house the Early Warning Systems. The Early Warning Intervention and Monitoring System (EWIMS) is a seven-step process which helps schools and districts systematically: 1) identify students who are showing signs that they are at risk of dropping out of high school; 2) match these students to interventions to get them back on track for graduation; and 3) monitor students' progress in those interventions.

There is both an Early Warning Systems High School Tool and an Early Warning Systems Middle School Tool. These tools can be found at the National High School Center (http://www.betterhighschools.org/ews.asp) and contain:

  • an implementation guide,
  • a technical manual,
  • source file templates, and
  • source files with sample data.

There is also a Community of Practice that enables educators to opportunity to obtain technical or implementation support, learn from others, and share EWS strategies with other practitioners.

Archived Webinars at the site conatain guidance for using the tools and presentations on related topics.

Realated Websites include:

Attached are documents created by Triad Local Schools to track at-risk students.